David Tolman

David Tolman

Learn French in your car with Slow Echoing recordings. (Trust us: we've been helping people become fluent since 2001.)

Our unique product: recordings that allow beginners and intermediate French learners to echo real spoken French. Our slowed-down recordings immerse you from the beginning so that you learn the oral gymnastics of the language and become fluent before going to France.

Echoing is a revelation to many French learners. You can get started echoing today with samples from our email newsletter. Please sign up!

What next ?

  1. You can get samples by signing up for the email newsletter.
  2. You can listen to my echoing tutorial
  3. You can read the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  4. You can email me: dtolman@fluentfrench.com
  5. You can have a single issue in your hands by next week if you purchase today. You can see the different issues with the link below: "browse topics..."

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How will you know if echoing works? - By trying it out! Get samples by email


un couple toulousain

You'll get sample recordings to try echoing and my tutorial recordings to help you know if you're doing it right. Even if you don't go on to purchase our recordings, you'll have a useful tool (echoing) to help you quickly improve your French. We'll send you a series of emails over the next couple of weeks. There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email and we will never sell or share you email address with anyone. (I hate spam as much as you do!)
You'll be able to try echoing in just a few minutes from now. Your first sample: these two speakers from Toulouse talking about what they call the "Woman acceptation factor" which determines where the money gets spent!

Why sign up? To get links to our samples so you can confirm that...
  • the confusion of not understanding spoken French starts to disappear after only 5 or 8 listens : you can already start to pick out words that you didn't hear the first time.
  • the hassle of having to look up words or ask a French friend or teacher about grammar is non-existant : the transcript and translation explain every word of original French.
  • the subjects aren't boring.
  • this method doesn't require your "free time": instead of sitting down at a desk to "study", this method is about making the sounds, learning the oral gymnastics; and that can be done in your car.
  • the interviews are indeed real interviews and the French you'll be hearing is exactly like what you'll hear in France. These are not made-up dialogues.

    Privacy policy: we will never share or sell your email or other information to anyone. Period. Every email has a one-step "unsubcribe" button.