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David Tolman

David Tolman

If you...

  • wonder if you'll ever speak fluently (even after years of study)
  • still find yourself translating from English into French
  • understand most of what French people say but not all of it
  • would like to reduce your accent and sound more like a French person

Then you should try echoing. It works because it is Nature's original language-learning method. You learned English be echoing your parents. This time, you'll echo the sounds of native French speakers. It works!

8-minute recording of me echoing.

Now, since you could download French mp3s and echo them for free, why do you need us? Answer: to save you time. You cannot echo if you're thumbing through a French-English dictionary trying to decipher your transcript. And you can't even decipher the transcript if you don't have a transcript to decipher. We give you a complete transcript with an especially-adapted translation that explains to you why the original French speaker used the words she or he used. That way, instead of sitting at a desk and doing prep work, you can go to your car, pop the CD in and start working on your "French oral gymnastics."

I discovered echoing in 1995 and starting producing echoing materials in 2001. This site is where we sell these materials to other adults who have discovered echoing.

Our method is simple: find an interesting recording and learn to "echo" 2 or 3 paragraphs per week.

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un couple toulousain

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