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French Interviews with transcript and translation since 2001

  • French daily life.
  • Interviews with art historians.
  • Interviews with winemakers.
  • A constantly expanding list of subjects. If you have a hobby, we may have interviewed a French person who has the same hobby or interest!

David Tolman

David Tolman

When I returned from France in 1991, there was no internet. There was no source of translated interviews. But that is what I needed to keep my French in tune after I returned back to the US.

Much later, after I had been working for a few years, I poured my savings into "Fluent French Audio" and hired French radio journalists to conduct interviews on all sorts of subjects.

If you want to improve your French in a fun way, I bet we have an interview you could learn from!

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Buying Wine in France

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To better help my students, I created a new site and am closing down FluentFrench.com. To see the new site, please go to www.ListeningFluency.com Thanks! David Tolman dtolman@fluentfrench.com