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Fluent French Issue 5 on CD

Fluent French Issue 5 on CD
Fluent French Issue 5 on CD
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Product Description

Fluent French Audio Issue 5 on CD: 4 to 5 months of echoing materials : 1-hour Original recordings CD with bi-lingual text (French with line-by-line English translation and footnotes.)

Attention : this issue does not include the Slowed-down recordings CD or the Listen & Repeat CD. If you are an intermediate learner or just getting acquainted with Fluent French Audio, we recommend that you get one of the more recent issues instead of this issue.

A word from Dave : "If you are new to our site, you may be surprised that these materials cost so much. If you have questions about the materials or about echoing, please give me a call toll-free at 1-888-259-9601. (Be patient when calling : this rings in to my cell phone here in France and it sometimes takes a few minutes for the call to ring through.)"

Interviews in this issue:
  • The Battle of the Washing Machine
    A now-retired home economics teacher tells how she shamed the male-chauvinist father of one of her students into buying a washing machine.

  • The Cannes Chess Club
    The coach talks about the match against the Paris team and about the training regimen for the players. These are school children who play chess after school and on the weekends.

  • The Sea Museum in Cannes
    The director speaks about the exhibits and about the Man in the Iron Mask, who was interned here.

  • Youth Sailing in Brittany
    Interviews with young sailors, a mother waiting for her children to finish their lesson, and with the director of the sailing academy. Brittany has many state-financed sailing academies. Part of their mission is to teach local school-children to sail.

  • La Porte Ouverte in Lyon
    An interview with a volunteer. This association has an office where you can go talk about your problems for free. However, the volunteers are trained not to give advice, but just to listen. The speaker explains that her volunteer work has led her to become less judgmental and to be more careful about offering advice of the "you should" variety to her loved ones.

  • The Cezanne Museum in Aix
    You can visit Cezannes studio in Aix. Before going, listen to the director explain what you'll see there. This is a very nice interview. The director is a great speaker and has a slight southern accent.