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David Tolman

David Tolman

One More Step To Go

You’ll find an email from me in your inbox.

Click the link inside so I know that I've reached the right person, and, in just a few minutes, I'll send you the tutorial and practice word list for the French R Trick.

You're going to love the French R Trick and you're going to love the price because I'm giving it to you for free. This is the first thing that I make sure my new French pronunciation students know, because it's the first step to learning the French mouth position.

And While You’re Here…

I'll let you know what else you'll get in the newsletter. Today, in addition to the French R Trick, you'll get a second email with a sample of one of our recordings. You'll have everything you need to learn that bit of interview: the recordings plus the transcript with bi-lingual translation and footnotes. You're going to love our format!