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French conversations on CD: customer comments

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Fluent French Audio customer comments...

Comments from customer emails

You may not know this, but I had a long term subscription to Fluent French and really enjoyed receiving the interviews and the CDs. In fact I go back to them all the time and my favorite is still Le Bizutage. I still laugh out loud when the architecture student describes having to sit down at a table at les deux magots and share a beer with German tourists while naked! We, my spouse and I, go to Paris and other sections of France each year and I always bring one or two of the interview issues with me to read and review on the plane.

I've really enjoyed listening to the "Les Vins de Paris" CDs and subsequently spending rather a lot of time on Google Earth trying to find where some of the vineyards are; a very pleasant diversion, and partially successful.

I received my first-class product today, and I am very very happy. It is an excellent way to improve understanding and pronunication in french and good value.

I had an excellent experience in dealing with them. I had a few questions when I placed my order via internet, and they deemed that the questions would be too hard to answer via e-mail, so within 15 minutes of placing my order, I got a call from the headquarters in France answering my questions. I considered that to be very good service considering the fact that I was in Canada at the time. The product was also delivered in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend them. Paul.

Am VERY please with the program and the customer service is above any i have had to deal with before.

Excellent transaction. Simple, clear online purchasing. The product arrived in a very short time, in excellent condition and is a very nice product.

Before buying and using one of the issues, I emailed their publisher, David Tolman with with some specific questions about the product. I asked about other user experiences and also for some recommendations. I received a friendly and almost immediate reply with answers to all. As a result I chose to go with a single-issue purchase, as a trial for me, but Mr. Tolman also gave me the option of upgrading at a later date with a price adjustment for the single issue I had just purchased. As promised I soon received a shipping confirmation, and within 10 days received the CDs. Product-wise I this is an excellent supplement to my other French lessons (RosettaStone). Highly pleased and highly recommended.

Great product, superb customer service!

This is an exceptional product. The interviews are interesting and the variety of speakers allows you to hear real French as it is spoken. The books are very attractively made and the three different speed CDs arealways good quality and wonderful tool for people who only get to hear live spoken French occasionaly.

Very nice magazine for students of French. I really like that they send three CDs worth of audio: original, 25% slower version, and listen and repeat exercises. My first issue arrived within a week of ordering. All in all, I am very impressed with Fluent French.

Firstly, fluent-french-audio provide a service which would take a lone language student years and years of endless study and searching and on that alone it should be viewed as an outstanding and valuable service. Secondly, although I have only been subscribed a short time the questions I have asked have been dealt with speed, clarity and courtesy. Finally, they provide a high quality product for a reasonable charge. In a clear and simple way it takes you you from the work you do in the classroom and makes the language come alive. Its difficult to express how highly I rate this service. Five plus stars! I cant recommend fluent-french-audio enough and would like to convey my thanks to everyone involved.

Outstanding service. Fast and professional. No problems.

Excellant Product!!

I recieved the package in Hawaii in less than a week.

Fluent French each month is just great! I really enjoy the magazines and lessons. Its the best way to learn to speak french of any method Ive tried.

Package came days before they estimated. I had a question via email and received a response the next day--on a weekend. Superior product, too!

I was very pleased with the speed at which the materials arrived. The package was sent directly to me and my credit card was billed exactly as indicated from my online proof of purchase email. I found fluent-french-audio to be an extremely professional company with excellent attention to customer service.

Wonderful product...shipped as stated.

This is one of my favorite merchants. EXCELLENT service and product. Thank you bery much.

Excellent product - particularly the slowed down French and the word for word printed translation. Very much appreciate the way the documentation highlights phrases where a word for word translation is not possible. I do a lot of driving and this is a good format for learning behind the wheel! The product was quickly delivered after the order was placed.

Prompt and clear communications. The product arrived on time and as stated. I was completely satisfied.

This seller was a pleasure to work with, all-around. The communications were impressive and delivery was fast. They really are great to work with.

What a great product! I highly recommend this Merchant. This is just what I have been looking for. I have been self-teaching myself French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I wish Fluent-French audio offered their product in other languages. I love the idea of having a translated transcript, and the recordings at regular and slowed-down 25%. The quality of the program is outstanding...the book is great and educational since you are learning about events with the latest dialect spoken in France. Shipping was prompt. Top notch service all the way! Cest tres bien! Merci beaucoup!

Excellent company. Material good and system of ordering and delivery cannpot be faulkted. Communications appear to come from a person rather than some remote computer. To be highly commended.

I have just received the first installment and find it useful. The method using a full speed CD, then a slowed down version and finally a listen and repeat CD seems to me to be a good one. It is not for beginners in the language however, in my opinion. The complete transscript which accompanies the CDs is also very useful as the translation is under each sentence in the transcript. Overall, I am pleased with the program.

Everything about this merchant is wonderful, and the product is fantastic. Thank you.

The company was quick to respond to my order via email. I also received my order via mail service within a few days. I would recommend them (and already have) to other French students and teachers. Great service!

excellent product

This product does everything it says it will do, and more! They also contacted me to find out if they could be of further assistance. My rating for this product and the people who sold it: EXCELLENT!

Listened to original and slowed disk, could not get into the repeat exercises... Found recording intersting and pronunciation excellent. These recordings are definitely for upper division students, although I am going to play part of them for my intermediate students, and wait for their comments.

Excellent product and first-rate service. Highly recommended!

Great product. Interesting interviews with each issue keep me learning French.

Great products for learning French, easily ordered and promptly shipped. Thanks to Fluent French Audio!

I have to say, I love these recordings! I live in England and am moving to Paris next year and my pronunciation has improved dramatically. The microscopic differences in the vowels that Anglophones cannot detect but that drive the listener crazy are easier and easier to notice and repeat. I?ve tried another company?s CD?s and I much prefer Fluent French Audio. The translation is listed just under the transcription in the booklet which saves one from having to flip back and forth. Also, the content is so varied and informative and INTERESTING! Who knew that snails had love darts?? Initially I had purchased only 1 CD and virtually wore the grooves off of it (is that possible??). I am now an official subscriber and really look forward to receiving the recordings every other month, not unlike a child at Christmas. The customer service is top notch and I must confess, they make me feel like one of the family. My only complaint is that they do not offer one in Spanish (do you hear me guys? I?d buy it in a heartbeat!!). If you are really serious about perfecting your French skills, BUY THIS PRODUCT! It will really, really make a difference. Signed, A loving customer.

This was a really terrific find. I am a student, majoriung in French, and one of the greatest areas of weakness for me is oral comprehension. I do not have access to anyone who speaks French, so understanding some of the idiomatic or colloquial expressions can be very difficult and painstaking, at times. Fluent French gives me choices on how I wish to receive the conversations. Combined with the written text, it offers some very useful interpretations and grammatical explanations/tutorials. For the money---I am satisfied.

Very responsive. Love the quality of the product and the availability of the material online.

For improving your French listening skills this series is fantastic. The slow mode helps with understanding just how words are spoken. The preview audio delivery allows you to listen from your computer. I listen several times a day to various sections. The practice speaking section starts your out slowly and then progresses to the entire phrase a regular speed. Terrific for practicing. The merchant followed up with an e-mail message to check in. Service is fantastic.

I am 61 years old and a francophile. After years of searching, I have never met a single person who has, after the age of 30, learned a second language. I have been struggling to speak fluent French for over 5 years. These materials are the best I have ever seen. After nearly abandoning my quest, I started using this system, and have experienced a marked improvement in my comprehension, my pronunciation and in my ability to express myself.

Item arrived in rapid time in excellent condition--very pleased with merchant thus far.

Excellent product. A tad pricey, but extremely useful. Great customer service.

Excellent product! Tremendous tool for overall practice of French!

Great, fast service and a superb product!

Fantastic! Very efficient personal service. Very pleased with the product and the supplier/ customer communication. Very pleased.

Fast, efficient service, great shipping (I dont have to pay!), with excellent value for money product. Congratulations on a wonderful business!

the product arrived much faster than i expected...no complaints whatsoever

Went out of their way to provide flexible options and customized service.

Very prompt and trustworthy service.

An innovative and highly useful resource for students of French who cant get to Europe yet. Fun, interesting and skillfully organized. Thumbs up! for Fluent French.

Top-notch customer service and an excellent product. If you are interested in learning French in a way that is fun and very efficient, I would highly recommend Fluent French. Being able to read the interviews while listening is an excellent tool, and the "slow" audio versions are fantastic. Great topics make it very interesting.

Great Product! Very well-represented with info on the website. Delivery was quick. No complaints!

Great product and prompt service. couldnt be more pleased.

Havent had an opportunity to actually try the product yet, however, Im very happy with the merchant. They answered my email quickly and shipped product to me quickly. Arrived in excellent condition.

Great company and great product.

You can really learn a lot, or keep up your french, just by listening, even if you dont have time to study. The topics are very interesting too. Very nice presentation.

A wonderful publication of translated conversations between an interviewer and various French speaking natives living in France. These interviewees speak about who they are and what they are doing in their lives. We follow along in the magazine and listen to either the regular speed version or the s-l-o-w-e-d down version for guidance in pronunciation. Practise makes perfect and when there is no one to judge you, you pratice more! I have learned so much about life in France and that is just a side benefit to subscribing!! Even if you are a beginning student of French, this magazine is worth every penny you spend and it is a VERY good value. I highly reccommend a trial subscription of one issue and I can almost guarentee that you'll be hooked!

Fluent French Audio is a great program. Ive had excellent service from the folks there whove gone over and above what was necessary to make me happy. I intend to order from them often in the future.

this is a really good product, well presented, well executed keenly priced. I would recommend this to anyone interested in improving their French. I honestly have to give it a 10 allround.

I am a beginning (?) intermediate French learner (one semester of community college French, two semesters of French in Action, and one French Immersion weekend through the local community college, and several trips to France where I tried to use the language). I find FFA to be excellent for my level. The pronunciation tape is vital--it is truly easy to mis-hear certain words. I also enjoy hearing regular folks speaking French, with their natural pauses and (French versions of) um and such. I think FFA is already improving my ear for the natural rhythm of the language, and it is certainly helping me with pronunciation. Although learning languages is relatively easy for me, I think these tapes/transcripts would be helpful in assisting anyone learning French (except perhaps for the raw beginner). By the way, I am a French in Action (FIA) fan, so I think these materials are right in line with that series, and are perhaps a little easier to use because of the option of going slooowly with the special slow audiotape. Sometimes with FIA I would feel too rushed and unable to repeat certain more sophisticated passages. Thank you for creating this excellent product! All the customer service has also been excellent. I feel the price is right, and I appreciate being able to buy single issues (that is *very* important--I can choose which issues are of interest to me). Good look with your company!

Very good material. Excellent service.

Friendly efficient service

The moment I sent my email to inquire about the Fluent-French Audio, I have had a wonderful experience! Great communication with David Tolman and his staff. I received the cds very quickly and I was able to backtrack to the most recent bi-monthly issue that I had already missed. They were great and so is their program! Much better than the tapes I buy at the book store and more interesting!

I have rarely encountered a product or service this good... and Fluent French Audio miraculously just keeps getting better. Its an amazingly effective way to learn French. Customer service is extraordinary as well. My sole criticism is that they may well run out of ways to improve!

Excellent product in content, appearance and ingenuity! The only thing better would be a ticket to Paris.

Highly recommended! This is an excellent product! I have been receiving Fluent French for over a year and am very pleased with the product and the service. The interviews are varied and interesting. I love the slow speed and pronunciation CDs along with the transcript booklets. I will continue to subscribe to Fluent French!!!

I purchased one months subscription only in order to try the product and one might have expected Fluent French to be less than enthusiastic to send just one back number, but the order arrived within a few days - not bad for USA to France!

Quality product for an affordable price. Fluent French is aimed at the low/middle class who do not have the luxury of high price tutors. However, this audiomagazine could easily be the average high costing language lessons. The lack of video, I thought was a void, but actually helped me focus on listening being without visual stimulations. Thank You Fluent French/ Yahoo! New Customer, Robin CT

I especially liked the fact that I was reminded via e-mail that my subscription was about to expire. I was able to renew my subscription right from this page. It was so easy and efficient.

I am an intermediate level student and I find these recordings to be extremely helpful!! The pronunciation disc in in particular. Very slow and precise. My teacher has noticed the difference in a couple of weeks, big time. Also, Ive learned more about snails than I ever wanted to know....Love it!! Highly recommended...I purchased one but soon I will subscribe. Thanks!

I tried this product without any knowledge of the company. I am really impressed. Love the product, love the company. Service is excellent.

the supplemental magazine is more like a small paper back book than a magazine. not every conversation is recorded slowly. actaully, so far, from what i can tell, only one conversation (out of four or five) was recorded slowly, in such a way that i can echo and repeat back. all of the other conversations are recorded in real time with the transcription in the magazine. everything else about the product is as i expected it would be. i took french in school from the ages of 12-19 and my wife is bilingual french/english but i have never travelled to a french speaking country and havnt received formal instruction in 8 years. the skill level was perfect for me; i learned new things and was challenged, but not frustrated.

What to say about Fluent French audio... Je laime! The product is much more reasonably priced than Champs-Elysee, and the interviews are not only a great learning tool, theyre interesting to boot. Delivery was a little slow because of the great american postal service (a little under two weeks from SC to CA), but it was well worth the wait. Merci, Fluent French Audio, et jai le meilleurs souhaits pour votre avenir!

Great product,great service!

I love this product! It arrived quickly, and the cds are great. You should try it!

Cant rate customer service, because Ive no need to use it.

I go to Paris a few times a year and in September I decided to get serious about learning the language, in preparation for a longer trip this spring. I decided to try Fluent French Audio so I ordered two issues. I got my package very fast, and there were no problems with my special request for the second issue. The products are better than Id expected and Im very happy with it, I certainly feel I got more than my moneys worth. Fluent French is to supplement my current french program: I am doing grammatical exercises on my own, working with a tutor to help me get used to speaking, and also doing some car CD courses, as well as reading books in french. Fluent French might be more important than some of the other things Im doing as spoken french isnt what you learn in textbooks, and when it comes down to it, learning to understand and speak french to everyday people is the goal, isnt it?

Everything I wanted I got, and I got it fast. Their product is great. I highly recommend this business and its services and products.

The fluent french audio is an excellent way of learning the spoken french, in my own time and at my own pace. Thank you for the prompt delivery.

the book and cds are useful for teaching french to students, which is why i obtained it. however i do not plan to subscribe to this each month, just wanted to get this one and that is all. thanks

I have using Fluent French for a few years now. I have found service and product to be excellent. They are improving with age. Felicitations Fluent French!

The best way to learn French or practice French. Amazing, amazing product; cant say enough good things about it. It helps me so much when I go to France.

I enjoyed the diversity of the articles--I am using the sloooow disc & cheating by reading the text in French. (My audio comprehension of French is still poor.) The English translations of the interviews are well done. In all, I am very pleased with this extra tool for learning French. I read at a satisfactory level, now; but, I need to hear French, and this is a painless, interesting way for that. I especially liked the interview in the Nov/Dec issue with the man who raises free-range snails. This is not for the beginner, Id guess--for mid-intermediate level.

Outstanding product for French language enthusiasts. Price is reasonable, considering the quality and the constant upgrades over the last year. 200% perfection in customer service and delivery.

Very rapid delivery. Probably all in all the best French audio magazine for most users.

This merchant was very easy to work with and answered my questions in a very timely manner. They allowed me to get a back issue and have it shipped with my current order. I would recomment this merchant and the product. Deb

Very good product for the price. Extremely fast delivery.

The best service I ever experienced. Besides the product is excellent!

I was very happy with the quality of the product and the speed of its delivery.

Items arrived earlier than promised and in excellent condition. E-mailed confirmation of order was prompt and thorough. Item was exactly as described and shown. Very happy with purchase.

I purchased the Fluent French audio subscription on line. The website was excellent, with clear explanations of the options and merchandise, examples to read and listen to, and answers to all my questions in their FAQ. The purchasing process was simple and straightforward. Immediately after purchase I received a confirming email with directions on how to access their online audios and translations if I wanted to start before I received my CDs and booklet in the mail. My first issue arrived before I expected it, which was a welcomed surprise. The merchandise includes a booklet and 3 CDs. All appear to be of high quality visually and so far (Ive only listened to one CD) the sound quality is excellent. The translation of the audio in the booklet is clearly written and understandable with liberal footnotes for added explanation. I was looking for a way to listen to real French speakers speaking about everyday subjects in everyday language to improve my listening skills and increase my knowledge of French life. After looking through the materials, and working through most of the first of five sections, I think this subscription might just be what I?ve been looking for.

Both the teaching method, the manual, and the service are excellent. If you are interested in learning French then this is the package for you. I especially like the three CD method (one for pronunciation, one for normal speed, and a slow speed for those whose linguistic skill in French needs to be more attuned to picking up the nuances of liaison, etc.

Quality product offering both an effective and interesting way to familiarise oneself with the spoken language. Prompt shipping and excellent customer dedication rounds off a perfect experience!

Great item!

The product is very good, the service outstanding. They offer a very personal touch. I highly recommend trying out this product to help develop and strengthen your ear for french.

Fluent French audio-magazine is a useful addition for anyone learning French or wanting to brush up on their listening skills. I am an intermediate level student who is working on improving my vocabulary and listening comprehension, and find this magazine invaluable. Each issue consists of 5 articles that take the form of interviews with artists, professionals, shopkeepers, and other everyday people living in France, and are about 10 to 12 minutes in length. Each issue comes with 3 CDs/tapes and a 95 page booklet. One CD contains the recorded interviews at normal speed, another with the same interviews at a slightly slower rate of speech, and a 3rd with some abridged interviews at a very slow rate of speech, meant to help you with pronunciation. The second CD with the slower rate of speech is particularly useful when first listening to an interview, because some conversations are often too fast for me to follow. After 2 or 3 times though, I can switch to the normal speed CD. I also like it that the interviews are more like conversations in everyday French than studio interviews. The interviews are transcribed in a booklet. Below each line of French text is the English translation in smaller typeface. This excellent feature is unique among French audio-magazines I have tried. I can listen to the CD, read along with the text, and when I come across new vocabulary, the translation is right there. Other audio-magazines have a separate English translation text or vocabulary list, requiring me to stop the CD and look up the word. The customer service and response time has been very good. I received my first issue within a few days after ordering. The price is competitive with similar audio-magazines. Overall this is an excellent product.

I had a very good experience with Fluent French Audio. I had a question about the status of my order, and my email was answered the very next day. Service has been prompt and very courteous. Highly recommended.

This company has displayed a superb level of customer service time and again. I live in South Africa and getting feedback from suppliers in the States is sometimes a little tricky with the time differences and postal delay. Fluent French have never taken more than a few hours to respond in a comprehensive, friendly and efficient manner. Their product is useful for Francophiles of all levels as it can be used to polish and extend vocab right down to a basic pronounciation excercise for newbies such as myself. I use the cds in my car during a lengthy daily commute and return to the passages later with the accompanying book to decipher any mystery moments I picked up on during the drive to work. The topics are relevant and far more topical than the usual language lab stuff and the voice artists/interview?es are refreshingly normal too. Thanks to Fluent French for an all-round great deal - I recommend it highly.

Good response time. Concerned and useful follow up information.

Generally I recommend this product to improve ones ability to understand spoken french. I consider myself to be early intermediate level and have found it quite helpful. The recordings vary in difficulty, which is good. Some speakers speak slower and more clearly than others. The articles themselves are genuinely interesting. In three volumes I have not skipped over one dud yet. The extra CD for pronunciation practice is useful, although not my main area of interest. How do I use the recordings? I listen first without the booklet to test my comprehension, which is usually pretty poor the first time through! Then I listen again following the text in the booklet (trying not to see the English at this point). Then I study the text line by line, looking up unfamiliar terms and comparing my translation with the printed one. Finally I listen again, with much improved comprehension. Particularly difficult phrases are repeated as needed until I can understand them. The new slowed down recordings should be useful for those recordings where the speaker is too quick for me, despite repeated playback.

One of the best online shopping experiences ever! Excellent product. Excellent customer services!

This is a product that was terrific when it started and has become even better in ways that never occurred to me. The people at Fluent French have listened to their customers and enhanced the learning method by including a Pronunciation CD as well as a Slow version of the conversation. I am an intermediate French speaker/student and am lucky enough to go to France 2ce a year on vacation. Since the French word for vacation is only used as a plural noun, I realized that once a year was unacceptable. I use the interviews and dialogues in their bimonthly posting as both a way of improving my own spoken elements, comprehension and pronunciation but also as a glimpse into the culture of France, thus, increasing my own Body of Knowledge. They highlight the vocabulary they think might be new or germane and they do it well. The great thing about these lessons is that they can be used on many levels. The more time you can spend, the more you will get out of them. This is a wonderful product tied to a very helpful method of learning. One hint: dont throw them away. You will want to come back to them from time to time.

The format is excellent and the interviews are interesting. The interview format gives the listener a chance to hear French as it is actually spoken in spontaneous conversation. The best feature for my needs is the slow audio version which comes on a separate disk along with the normal speed disk, a pronunciation practice disk, and the text in French with English translation immediately below the French.

Fluent French Audio is the best way, next to speaking with an actual French speaking person, to learn to speak and understand French. I have tried other programs and although they are all good, they dont do what Fluent French Audio does. Fluent French Audio gives you a running transcript of what is being spoken on the CD with a translation into English below that. You are freed to simply listen and begin to understand. And the English translation is structured to give you an idea of what the French are really saying, with many footnotes to explain why something means what it means. Why, for example, does tout ce quil faut, mean everything you need, or everything that is needed? Youll find out and understand it as you listen to Fluent French Audio!

The best out there for gaining French fluency and understanding! Reasonable price, on-time delivery, terrific price. Cant beat it!

I received the first product one week after I placed the order. I enjoyed listening to it and I know that I have a great deal to learn.

Pretty cut n dry. I ordered with no problems. Received my order very quickly, and am happy with the product. I have not had to use customer service as of yet so I just rated it in the middle.

Excellent easy transaction, rapid response.

I am very pleased with my online purchase from Fluent French Audio. The website was easy to navigate; I was informed when my product shipped, and it arrived quite quickly. When I received my package(via USPS, which is great when you live in an apartment building!) it was exactly as shown on the website, if not better. I was pleasantly surprised, and look forward to doing more business with them.

Goods were shipped overseas via priority mail-well done. It arrived very quickly. It is very well packaged and presented. I am looking forward to future shipments.

Fluent French provide an excellent service. The CDs were delivered to me in England from the USA in less than a week. The customer service seems friendly and the product is first rate. I commend Fluent French to anyone wishing to improve their listening and speaking skills in the language.

I found the service to be more than excellent! They were willing to help fill my individual needs very quickly, and I certainly appreciated the prompt and personal help I received. I will be very pleased to recommend Fluent-French Audio to people I know.

Fast service/delivery! Excellent customer service!

Fluent french is the best language aid program on the market for the money.

Outstanding language learning program. The best I have seen in 20 years of studying French intermittently as a hobby. Perfect for intermediate to advanced students.

Everything about Fluent-French-Audio is great. But their customer service is the most outstanding. They respond personally to questions and comments. The product is the best in its line.

This product is first class. I found it through Laura K Lawlesss French web page. I cant wait to get the next bi-monthly shipping and it looks great value for money. Ive only found one bug on the website and to be fair I havent tried their customer service as yet. Well done

This is a great french audio magazine. It is perfect for keeping my daughters french in tune between the school years. We tried a different french audio magazine last summer and the book fell apart the first time we opened it. I highly recommend fluent french audio!!!

Quick and painless, my first order has already arrived and I am happy.

A very unique and important product.

I am very satsified with my experience with Fluent French Audio. The product has fully met all of my expectations.

When I received a damaged CD in the mail, I contacted the company and they sent another CD right out. They have been very good about correcting a problem or informing me as to what I should do to correct a problem.

Everything worked out very well and easily.

Ordering was easy and I received the product in a timely manner.

Very good product; very satisfied, great bargain and prompt follow up to questions.

For some reason, and Im not exactly sure, but this site is one of the most simple and efficient sites to place an order. A real piece of cake. In addition to their fantastic product with its unique slow files for beginners, these guys really have it together!

This program presents excellent value for any student of the French language. It is well written, easy to follow, up-to-date and filled with the wonderful expressions of the native French speaker. Customer service is first rate. Queries were answered fast and thoroughly. I have recommended this program to my friends......

Extremely fast shipping. Unique product at a reasonable price. Thank you!

The people at Fluent French processed my order quickly. I received an email the same day of my order, and later received my order in the mail much quicker than I was expecting. The product was in excellent condition. Besides having an excellent product, I was very pleased with the overall ordering process and customer service I received. I would order more things online, if this experience was repeated with the other vendors Ive tried.

The product is very good and processing of my order was excellent.

For me, this is the best language product Ive been able to find. You can really use this product in a way that is suited to your level of proficiency. What I really love, is that there is no English in the audio. Obviously, its great to have the English translation and slow play available when needed.

Excellent tool for practising French and getting accustomed to fast dialogs.

Excellent product! Highly recommended!

The customer service and friendliness were exceptional. My order prompted an e-mail response the same day, within hours, and all communications--e-mail and US mail--have been clear, well written, professional, yet warm and friendly. An outstanding experience so far, and a glimpse at the first issue (which arrived in record time) leads me to believe the experience of using the CD and transcript will be of the same high quality as the service already received. Many thanks for making this ordering experience so pleasant and simple!

Overall, I received very good service from this merchant, because I thought everything arrived promptly. At first I was concerned the price was high, but realized for what I was getting, it was a fair price.

A+ seller, would definitely buy from again, sans doute!

Wonderful customer service; excellent product.

I would recommend FFA to anyone interested in learning French.

Prompt,efficient,polite & caring.The Atlantic Ocean was no barrier to good trading practice!

I didn't receive my receipt right away, and when I sent an email asking why, I got a reply almost immediately, followed by all the info I needed to get started, even though it was late on a Friday night. Merci!

Excellent communication; very smooth transaction. I highly recommend Fluent French Audio.

Magazine arrived in a timely manner. Magazine and cd quality are good. Magazine contents exceptional.

I am very pleased with the service. Ordering was easy and delivery of my first issue was quicker than I had anticipated.

Fluent French Audio prices

To better help my students, I created a new site and am closing down FluentFrench.com. To see the new site, please go to www.ListeningFluency.com Thanks! David Tolman dtolman@fluentfrench.com