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French pronunciation: Make the syllable breaks in the right places: eu - ro - pé - en.

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Make the syllable breaks in the right places

say it better

In our Listen and Repeat recordings, we break down many words syllable by syllable. That way, you can learn to "hear as the French hear" - and that's the first key to pronouncing French correctly! In this sample, you can hear how a native speaker pronounces "européen."

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eu - ro - pé - en

Do you notice that, for a French speaker, the 'R' comes at the start of a new syllable?

Of course, it's easy to tell you this, but for you to learn how to do this automatically, you need to listen to the same Listen and Repeat CD many times. Most people actually find it to be a lot of fun!

You might also like this tutorial for pronouncing the French "R."

If you want to learn to break the words down as the French do, you don't need to order a bunch of CDs. One issue of Fluent French Audio will do, to start.

You can use a single issue for many weeks. You will continue to learn, even after the 20th or 30th listen.

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