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Additional ressources for learning the French mouth position

So that you don't need a dictionary - printer-friendly transcript

To follow along with these recordings, you'll want a copy of the transcript.

Download it by right-clicking and then choosing "Save target as..."

To improve your ear - slow echoing tracks with all of the sounds pronounced slowly and clearly

Slow echoing track 2

Slow echoing track 3

For pronunciaiton beginners - coaching sessions with the type of information I give in my phone lessons

You may enjoy these recordings where I coach you through the tracks. I go over the words that English speakers tend to say incorrectly without realizing it.

Pronunciation and accent tips for Track 2

Pronunciation and accent tips for Track 3

Very advanced echoing - the original interview

You are welcome to listen to these, but only already-fluent speakers will understand them. If you are just getting started echoing, go back and try the slow echoing recordings above. They are great, even for already-fluent speakers.

Original interview first track (Track 2 of CD)

Original interview secondt track (Track 3 of CD)

Introduction to echoing and oral gymnastics with tips about the "French mouth position."
Introduction to echoing. (21 minutes)

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