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French Listening Discovery Course : Taxi-tandem interview

Item# taxi-tandem

Product Description

Learn to understand spoken French.

This is a course that you take at your own pace. It consists of exercises that help you work through a 10-minute interview in French.

It would take most people about a month, working 3 to 4 times per week for 30 minutes. You do the exercises on the computer (you'll get access to a special website) but you can also work away from the computer, by downloading the MP3s and PDFs and playing them through your telephone or car radio, for instance.

You'll get access to all 12 tracks in quiz format. (See Track 2 here plus...

Downloads included:

  • MP3 original recordings
  • MP3 slowed-down tracks
  • PDF French-only transcript
  • PDF French transcript with line-by-line English translation.

Frequently-asked questions

What will the course do for me?
Answer: Learn how to improve your comprehension BEFORE you move to France. (Many persons think you have to move to France to learn to understand spoken French. This is not accurate.)

If I am a beginner, should I wait a year before taking the course?
Answer: Given the low price, I think you should take the course now. I feel that knowing how to learn from a recording of native speakers is the most important tool I have in my 'language learning toolset.' It is what helped me finally achieve 'listening fluency.' You won't wake up speaking fluently tomorrow; but you'll have a new approach, a new 'language learning activity' that is easy to use and easy to fit into your daily schedule.


If you are not completely happy with the course, just ask me for a refund by email. Scroll back up for the "Add to cart" button. You'll have an option to pay with a card or via Paypal.