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Fluent French Issue 26 on CD and MP3

Fluent French Issue 26 on CD and MP3
Fluent French Issue 26 on CD and MP3
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Product Description

Fluent French Audio Issue 26 on CD and MP3. 4 to 5 months of echoing materials : 1-hour Original recordings CD, 74-minute Slowed-down recordings CD, and 1-hour Listen & Repeat CD. Plus bi-lingual text (French with line-by-line English translation and footnotes.)

At checkout, you will get a download page with links to get the mp3s and instructions for putting the mp3s into iTunes. The transcript/translation booklet will arrive in the mail within 2 weeks. Free shipping worldwide.

Interviews in this issue:
  • L'ours des Pyrénées
    Alain Reynes tells the story of the re-introduction of wild bears into the Pyrenees Mountains. An interview by Martin Venzal.

  • Le lycée Henri-IV
    Julie went to a high school that every Frenchman has heard of: le lycée Henri-IV. She tells Véronique Lopez why the school is so famous.

  • Dans un salon de coiffure nantais
    Mickaël is only 25, but he already owns his own hair salon in Nantes. He and Charline (his girlfriend and co-worker) spoke with our reporter about their customers.

  • Le premier vol du Concorde
    André Turcat was the test pilot who flew the Concorde on its maiden voyage in 1969. He talked about the work of a test pilot and recounted how he prepared for the historic flight.

  • Pérouges, cité médiévale
    Just a short trip from Lyon is the medieval city of Pérouges. Alexandra Auguste took Jean-Louis Rioual on a walking tour.