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Fluent French Issue 27 on CD and printed booklet

Fluent French Issue 27 on CD and printed booklet
Fluent French Issue 27 on CD and printed booklet
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Product Description

Fluent French Audio Issue 27 on CD and printed booklet. 4 to 5 months of echoing materials : 1-hour Original recordings CD, 74-minute Slowed-down recordings CD, and 1-hour Listen & Repeat CD. Plus bi-lingual text (French with line-by-line English translation and footnotes.)

The CDs and transcript/translation booklet will arrive in the mail within 2 weeks. Free shipping worldwide.

Interviews in this issue:
  • Monique se rappelle sa préceptrice
    Monique and her siblings grew up in the sheltered environment of their family's estate. They never played with local children; and a private tutor came to the house to teach them. At the age of 11, when she went to boarding school, Monique felt unprepared for the outside world.

  • Un génocide de canaris
    Yves is an attorney in Toulouse. He spoke with Martin Venzal about one of his more memorable cases: that of the canary genocide.

  • Christine veut avoir un bébé
    Christine wants a child, but she is single. She has looked into adoption and artificial insemination, but in France, both of these routes to parenthood appear closed to single mothers.

  • Eddu, le whisky breton
    Guy Le Lay is very proud of his Breton heritage and he has strong feelings for the Welsh, the Irish and the Scotch, since, as everyone knows, they are cousins of the Bretons. It was during a trip to Scotland that Guy had the great idea of making whiskey from that most traditional of Breton crops: buckwheat!

  • Noël à Strasbourg
    Did you know that the Christmas tree was born in Alsace? And that the Christmas market in Strasbourg is over 400 years old? Anne-Sophie Martin spoke with Antoinette Pflimlin about the market and about Strasbourg's giant Christmas tree.

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