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Fluent French Issue 28 on CD and MP3

Fluent French Issue 28 on CD and MP3
Fluent French Issue 28 on CD and MP3
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Product Description

Fluent French Audio Issue 28 on CD and MP3. 4 to 5 months of echoing materials : 1-hour Original recordings CD, 74-minute Slowed-down recordings CD, and 1-hour Listen & Repeat CD. Plus bi-lingual text (French with line-by-line English translation and footnotes.)

At checkout, you will get a download page with links to get the mp3s and instructions for putting the mp3s into iTunes. The transcript/translation booklet will arrive in the mail within 2 weeks. Free shipping worldwide.

Interviews in this issue:
  • Le roi Arthur était breton ?
    Did you know that King Arthur actually lived in Brittany? And that Merlin the Wizard is buried near Rennes ? To get more information, we spoke to Monsieur Merdrignac, a professor at Rennes II University.

  • L'argent au sein du couple
    Oliver and Rachel, a couple from Toulouse, spoke with us about how they handle their financial affairs and how they work things out when they disagree.

  • La raquette à neige
    Snowshoe walking is a fun way to enjoy winter scenery without the crowds you find on the ski slopes. Anne-Sophie Martin spoke to adepts and guides in the Vosges mountains.

  • La colocation
    Nathalie Faucher is back with another interview about life in Paris. This time she speaks with Cyril about his experience as a co-renter of an apartment.!

  • L'abbaye de Montmajour
    Aldo Bastié is a noted author of art history books and is a guide at the Montmajour Abbey in Provence. He spoke with Véronique Lopez about the history of the abbey. He also explains how Romanesque art (called "art roman" in French) got its name.