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Fluent French Issue 29 on CD and printed booklet

Fluent French Issue 29 on CD and printed booklet
Fluent French Issue 29 on CD and printed booklet
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Product Description

Fluent French Audio Issue 29 on CD and printed booklet. 4 to 5 months of echoing materials : 1-hour Original recordings CD, 74-minute Slowed-down recordings CD, and 1-hour Listen & Repeat CD. Plus bi-lingual text (French with line-by-line English translation and footnotes.)

For this issue, we asked our reporters to find stories about childhood high jinks. The result is 15 interviews from all over France.

The CDs and transcript/translation booklet will arrive in the mail within 2 weeks. Free shipping worldwide.

Interviews in this issue:
  • Frédérique Zingaro : histoires de bêtises.
    Anastasia paints a dog green, Julie crushes a classmate's pottery and tears up a book, Michaella has an accident, Bénédicte steals and buries a set of cat-o’-nine-tails, Julien swallows money and kisses the TV, and Astolfo waxes nostalgic over the day his school was destroyed by Allied bombs.

  • Maxime et Youki.
    Maxime tells Antoine Humeau how he rid the family of a hated pet: he drove him crazy.

  • Les aventures d'Albert.
    Jean-Charles Perrazzi tells Louis Gildas about a former co-worker who was prone to overselling his flying and fishing skills.

  • Les parents en maternelle.
    Sandrine teaches 3- and 4-year-olds near Toulouse. She tells Martin Venzal about a curious problem: she is unable to get some parents to leave the classroom.

  • Tanguy et Karine.
    Susana Poveda spoke with Tanguy about the time he tried to do his parents a favor by washing the car, and with Karine about a little lie she told to her father.

  • Nathalie Faucher : histoires de bêtises.
    Dounia talks about her brother wearing a girl's bathing suit to the beach and about calling Santa Claus. Rémy talks about his childhood and says that his daughter is following the same path.

  • La vie de village autrefois.
    Jean-Paul spoke with Véronique Lopez about the tricks he and his friends used to play.

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